Career at zeb

Want to pursue a career as a consultant in the financial services industry? Zeb is the place for you.

At zeb you will work on challenging projects with a highly dedicated team of experts.

We encourage you to develop along your own unique career path, based on your individual experience and skills, as well as your interests and ambitions. Thanks to our international presence you are able to work on projects all across Europe, or you may decide to focus your efforts on the local Nordic market.




We are always looking for highly qualified professionals who share our passion and commitment. You probably have a few years of relevant working experience from the financial industry e.g. at a bank or insurance company. Or, like several members of our team, you may have a background from other consultancy firms or the financial supervisory authority.

Depending on your experience, your responsibilities will range from delivering specific tasks as a project member, to running large-scale projects and developing our service offering and client relationships.




At zeb we constantly strive to find the best new talents who want to develop and grow with us. Given the wide range of our service offering, we look for graduates from academic backgrounds such as business, engineering, management and law, who share our deep interest in the financial services sector.

When joining us as a graduate you will be designated a senior career coach who will help you develop your individual career plan and regularly follow up and advise you on your progress. Initially you will be responsible for performing individual tasks within your current project, but as you continue to develop you will be given more complex responsibilities.



We offer several possibilities for students who wish to take the first steps towards an exciting future career. Many of our current professionals have started their careers at zeb while doing an internship or writing their master’s thesis. Joining us as a student will allow you to learn from the experts, gain valuable insights into our projects and help you build your network.

Depending on your situation, you can join us as a full-time intern, taking part in ongoing projects and engaging with our clients, or we can arrange for a part-time position in combination with your studies.


Do you want to join our team? Apply directly at our recruiting platform by uploading your resume and cover letter and we will be in touch imminently.



“Reason beats hierarchy”

The winner of an argument is always the best idea, no matter who presents it. At zeb we never let hierarchy stand in the way of the best solution. Every opinion counts.

“Culture beats strategy”

Planning for the future is difficult, but a strong team is able to adapt and meet any challenge. At zeb we put great effort into building a culture based on commitment, trust and collaboration.

“Stay and grow”

Every member of our team is an individual with their own goals and ambitions. At zeb we strive to develop career paths that will fit the individual, thus laying the foundation for a long-term commitment.

“Big ideas, small egos”

Talent may win the game, but teamwork wins the championship. At zeb we believe that teamwork is the ultimate driver of success, which is why we look for team players rather than big egos.


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